bonding, our partner in Germany

Since bonding is an expression coming from the electronical world, we better start by defining it: a bonding is a thin gold wire that connects a integrated circuit to the case pins and to the outer world. The word "bonding" than describes what they do in a pretty good way. It's a student initiative which organises events to help students to obtain contact with industry specialists and potential future employers. To reach this goal, they offer German students a broad range of projects, like one-day case studies, excursions, lectures and give students insight to companies for their future work.

Back in 1988, students were not thinking about the company culture that is totally different than the safe university environment. In order to make a bridge between those two worlds, some committed students of engineering and sciences of the technical university of Aachen founded a non-profit and non-political association. Their goal was, and still is, to create contacts between students and companies in order to allow them and all the other students a clear view of professional life. bonding has grown today to be the biggest student initiative for engineers and scientists in Germany

Their biggest project is the bonding contact fair: through establishing direct contact between students and company representatives, the visiting students are able to gain an insight into the numerous fields of work and industry. For instance, they can collect information on internship programmes and make initial contact with a company they are interested in.

During short seminars, students get the opportunity to take part in a one day case study with a well-known company or specialists. By working in small groups on a real problem students acquire some problem solving and teamwork skills. Company lectures are also great opportunities to get to know a company, especially when competent speakers present innovations and hot topics in their research. And with excursions, they offer students a possibility to get close to industry and into plants

It is really impossible to summarise all this into one sentence, but their catchphrase comes close to it: Creating contacts between students and companies. Did we make you curious? Great, go and take yourself a look at bonding pages.