CFES - Canadian Federation of Engineering Students

CFES stands for the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students. In 2002, they reach over 49 000 engineering students in the 45 engineering schools of Canada. CFES was originally founded with the purpose of connecting engineering students beyond their individual universities, as well as to improve the profile of engineering students among the greater public. These universities are spread throughout Canada and are divided into four regions, namely the West, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic regions.

The goals of the CFES include improving communication between engineering students, as well as helping them to grow culturally, morally, intellectually, academically, and economically. Congress, their annual national conference, provides an opportunity for students from the member universities to voice their opinions on relevant issues, become informed on new initiatives, decide the future directions of the organisation, and elect the new national executive. To help provide even more opportunities for engineering students, CFES also acts as a liaison between Canadian engineering students and the national association of professional engineers, as well as the national associations of educators.

Some of their projects include CEC, the national engineering competition, which includes competitions in both technical and socially based areas. Project Magazine, their national magazine for engineering students, is distributed three times a year, and contains information of the engineering-related events held at universities all over Canada. An emerging project for CFES is the development of Complimentary Education. Though this is a new initiative, it has great potential and has provided CFES with an excellent opportunity to collaborate with BEST.

Of course, they have not stopped at this, but continually try to find new ways to better connect engineering students and to find new services to provide to engineering students. Visit them at and find out some more of what they are all about!!